High-level stakeholder workshop on market barriers to advanced biofuels held

The ADVANCEFUEL project has held its first stakeholder workshop on 20 September in Gothenburg, Sweden, presenting the project‘s results in identifying the main barriers to the market roll out of advanced biofuels, as well as its investigations into the availability and suitability of lignocellulosic biomass for conversion into fuels.


The high-level workshop aimed to validate findings with key stakeholders from the renewable transport fuel sector. It attracted senior experts from all sectors of the value chain, with high participation from industry and end-users, including representatives from Shell, TOTAL and Volvo, as well as academic participants.


Ayla Uslu, (TNO), Ric Hoefnagels (Utrecht University) and Stavros Papadokonstantakis (Chalmers University) led the discussions, with input also from Calliope Panoutsou (Imperial College London) and Sonja Germer (ATB). The event was moderated by the ADVANCEFUEL co-ordinator, Kristin Sternberg (FNR).


Discussions were very lively, with valuable feedback collected from the participants to strengthen the project’s results. The participants noted that taking part in the workshop was a positive experience, with ADVANCEFUEL highlighting a number of new and interesting issues which have not been spotted elsewhere. The participant’s expressed their hope that the project’s final results and recommendations will be able to positively impact Europe’s policy framework for advanced biofuels.


The final updated deliverables on market barriers and advanced biofuel feedstocks will be available on this website shortly. Images are availble in the media section.


The presentations from the event can be found below:


If you would like to take part in future workshops, please sign up to the ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Platform. The next workshop will take place on 20-21 November in Brussels; more details will be available soon.