RESfuels pathways contributing to the Paris Agreement in transport

The transport sector is the only major sector in the EU where greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are continuously increasing. As such, there is an urgent need to speed up Europe's decarbonisation efforts, in order to combat climate change and comply with emission reduction targets.


On 2 June 2020, ADVANCEFUEL held its fifth stakeholder workshop as a webconference, to discuss the role of advanced renewable fuels for reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the transport sector. The presentations during the webinar focused on the conversion and end-use steps of the advanced biofuel value chains and their corresponding policy implications. A special emphasis was given to the maritime and aviation sectors for which respective sector experts gave recent updates and elaborated on the most prominent concerns and challenges, as well as opportunities, regarding the widespread deployment of advanced renewable fuels.


A subsequent lively and interesting discussion gave the audience the opportunity for making further inquiries about the presented findings and statements. It became clear that a successful deployment of advanced renewable (bio)fuels is one of the most important short-term solutions for reducing the greenhouse gas emissions in all concerned transport sectors.


Presentations from the webconference can be downloaded, below.






Webconference Recording - Visit the YouTube page to access timestamps for each presentation