Stakeholder consultation on biofuel sustainability

ADVANCEFUEL aims to facilitate the market roll-out of advanced biofuels and other liquid renewable fuels in the transportation sector between 2020 and 2030, with an outlook on post-2030 impacts. Effective sustainability frameworks, including certification, are an important tool to safeguard sustainability over the whole biofuel supply chains. The development and implementation of common standards and certification schemes for sustainable biofuels production is therefore one of the key topics of the ADVANCEFUEL project. Consultation with stakeholders is important to identify strengths and weaknesses of the available sustainability schemes and standards and their applicability to advanced biofuels.
Policy Field: Renewable Energy andTransport Biofuels
Target Groups: Academia & Consulting, Biofuel industry, Certification scheme owners & auditors, Policy makers
Period of Consultation: Four months, 01/03/2018 – 30/06/2018
Expected outcomes:
- An overview of the existing and planned legislation for all (current and new) biofuel types in the member states, showing common elements and differences, highlighting possible barriers to trade and cumbersome administration;
- A report with key issues of current sustainabilitycriteria and certification systems for biofuels and opinions on policy developments for energy and biofuels;
- Possibilities for (future) alignment/and or harmonisation of sustainability requirements and sustainability certification schemes.


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