Join ADVANCEFUEL in Brussels on 21 November

The ADVANCEFUEL project welcomes value chain experts and media representatives to two events in Brussels on 21 November: a stakeholder workshop and a press briefing.


STAKEHOLDER WORKSHOP: RESfuels in decarbonising the transport sector to 2030 and beyond


The fourth ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Workshop, which will take place on 21 November 2019 in Brussels, will present the latest results of the project about how to overcome the barriers to their market roll-out.


More specifically, the workshop will present strategies and promising scenarios for the further development of RESfuels, which are based on a comprehensive modelling approach taking into account feedstock costs and potential, logistics, technology performance, market demand and sustainability safeguarding. Furthermore, first dedicated policy recommendations will be discussed with the participants in an interactive approach.


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PRESS BRIEFING: The role of advanced renewable fuels in decarbonising transport by 2030 and beyond


In the name of decarbonising road, maritime and air transportation, while also reaching climate targets, renewable fuels will serve as an essential cornerstone. What are the key results in terms of providing sustainable biomass feedstock? What is the best way to tackle market barriers in order to scale up the end use of biofuels and renewable fuels?


The European Technology and Innovation Platform and the ADVANCEFUEL project are hosting a press briefing from 16:00-17:00, in order to share the latest findings on these key topics that determine the market roll-out of advanced biofuels. Upscaling biofuels is crucial and indispensable when considering the way forward to the energy transition.


Learn about the current roadblocks that stand in the way of climate targets (and how to remove them) in the briefing where the strategy to ensure a smooth market uptake of renewable fuels will be introduced.


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