Market Uptake

Since the introduction of the 10% binding renewable energy target for the European transport sector, biofuel production has increased significantly. However, the market uptake of advanced transport fuels is currently held back by limited public acceptance and policy uncertainties, considered as potential risks for investors. To restore investors’ confidence and thus accelerate the market roll-out of renewable fuels, ADVANCEFUEL will evaluate the market potential of advanced biofuels, including future market size, trends, growth rates and cost competitiveness.


To support biofuel end-users, partners will develop a numerical tool to assess the performance of biofuels, covering fuel consumption, efficiency and greenhouse gases emissions. The tool will allow potential end-users to compare different biofuels and to identify their advantages over their fossil equivalents. This will be integrated in a full-chain assessment tool, including environmental and socio-economic impacts of advanced biofuels along the whole value chain. Based on this full-chain assessment tool, ADVANCEFUEL will provide evidence of environmental, social and economic added value of advanced biofuels to policy-makers, industries and consumers to foster market uptake.


To facilitate the commercialisation of renewable fuels, ADVANCEFUEL experts will also identify current policy gaps as well as efficient support mechanisms. Taking a look at sensitivity analysis and future scenarios for biofuel technology development, they will provide tailored recommendations and best practices to accelerate market uptake.