Biomass Availability

Europe has significant potential for the production of advanced biofuels from lignocellulosic feedstock (such as waste residues from agriculture and forestry), however, existing value chains will need to adapt and new value chains will need to be formed in order to access these available resources.


As a starting point, ADVANCEFUEL partners will assess lignocellulosic feedstock availability in the European Union and third countries. Feedstock will then be evaluated against their suitability for the cost-efficient and sustainable production of advanced biofuels.


Building on these results, ADVANCEFUEL experts will propose region-specific strategies to increase the production of lignocellulosic feedstock in a sustainable way. The basis for this work will be the development of innovative crop rotation schemes, including optimised fertilisation systems, improved logistics and soil related carbon capture systems.


Building and upgrading biofuels’ value chains


Second generation biofuels rely on provision of new biomass resources, for which value chains do not currently exist. ADVANCEFUEL will also investigate logistics to build and upgrade new value chains for advanced liquid renewable fuel production.


In that framework, project partners will analyse current biofuel supply chains and propose improved pre-treatment systems with tailor-made upgrading strategies. These strategies will be validated through a supply chain management tool, and tested by different actors along the biofuel value chain through the ADVANCEFUEL Stakeholder Platform.